News from Partners – Burundi-2

Global Citizen Journey visited Burundi in 2008, but just because the trip ended didn’t mean the engagement with the community did too.  To this day, GCJ delegates are partnered with The Carama Women’s Future Association in Burundi, an organization that works with the Carama Widows Association and helps them purchase land so that these powerful […]

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Upcoming Trip News Kashmir 2018-2

Agriculture is the main pillar of the economy in Kashmir, but tourism has been rising in recent years and now Kashmir is one of the top tourist destinations in India.  Despite this, Kashmir is also one of the most militarized zones in the world.  Learn more about the northernmost province of India here. Kashmir’s most […]

Who Are We?

Global Citizen Journey (GCJ) joins hearts and hands across continents and boundaries. We are a nonprofit organization with a vision of deep, ongoing connections that build understanding and bridge cultural differences with bonds of peace.

Our Mission

Our mission is to answer the question: “How can we create a culture of peace and world stewardship?” We answer that by creating opportunities for this to happen, especially in places that are little known beyond their borders. Take a journey of discovery:

  • Become a citizen diplomat
  • Be an active peacebuilder
  • Meet your global neighbors
  • Develop your leadership skills
  • Learn what’s really happening in our interconnected world from a grassroots perspective


GCJ fosters journeys of discovery, where people meet heart to heart. We are dedicated to BEING the change – so the way we work together is as important to us as the work we do. We invite and treasure the energy and passion of all who join us. We aspire to work in ways that help us each to learn and grow, generate new ideas, facilitate choice-creating, and transform. Passion, joy, and interconnectedness are our guiding principles.

As a delegate, you will live and work with your host country or community counterparts, sharing your unique cultural gifts, learning from each other, and finding the joy of common human ground. Together, you will complete a community service project and take part in dynamic workshops on compassionate listening, conflict resolution, and other topics to promote cross-cultural communication and leadership development. As a GCJ sponsor or volunteer, you will be actively involved in the planning, the learning, and the stories that emerge.

Our next international journey is emerging for India 2017. Other journeys will emerge as dynamic new volunteer project directors step forward (perhaps you?). As global citizens it is important to “Think globally, act locally.”