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Who are we?

Global Citizen Journey joins hearts and hands across continents and boundaries. We are a nonprofit organization with a vision of deep, ongoing connections that build understanding and bridge cultural differences with bonds of peace.

Our Mission

Our mission is to answer the question: “How can we create a culture of peace and world stewardship?” We answer that by creating opportunities for this to happen, especially in places that are little known beyond their borders. Take a journey of discovery:

  • Become a citizen diplomat
  • Be an active peace-builder
  • Meet your global neighbors
  • Develop your leadership skills
  • Help sustain and expand our Nigeria, Ghana, Burundi and Liberia projects
  • Learn what’s really happening in Africa and other parts of our interconnected world from the grassroots perspective


GCJ fosters journeys of discovery, where people meet heart to heart. We are dedicated to BEING the change – so we the way we work together is as important to us as the work we do. We invite and treasure the energy and passion of all who join us. We aspire to work in ways that help us each learn and grow, generating new ideas, choice-creating, and transformative – passion, joy, and interconnectedness are guiding principles.

As a delegate, you’ll live and work with your host country or community counterparts, sharing your unique cultural gifts, learning from each other and finding the joy of common human ground. Together, you’ll complete a community service project and you’ll take part in dynamic workshops on compassionate listening, conflict resolution and other topics to promote cross-cultural communication and leadership development. As a GCJ sponsor or volunteer, you’ll be actively involved in the planning, the learning and the stories that emerge.

Our last international Journey was held in Liberia in summer of 2011. Other Journeys will emerge as dynamic new volunteer Project Directors step forward (perhaps you?!). As global citizens it is important to “Think globally… act locally.” GCJ helps support dialogues in partnership with the Transpartisan Alliance, bridging the political divide that is so challenging and raw in the US. We are also open to finding ways to localize the GCJ experience, by creating bridges with marginalized populations and segments of our community right here where we live.

Latest Updates

Once you settle in, the fun thing to do is take day trips.  There are villages all around the lake.  I got to visit a number of them.  In each town, the women and girls wear the beautiful and colorful hand woven huipil symbolic of their village.  Everyone is very friendly – is considered polite Read More…


As is common to human groups everywhere (at least everywhere I’ve visited!) –there is some competition and uneasy trust amongst various schools, factions or groups…  So there are multiple answers to many questions about what is the Maya way.  Some feel the traditions should be held closely, others feel it is time to share and Read More…


Hard to believe tonight is my 10th and last night here at the Lake.  Time slows down and yet is also very full.  I’ve just felt very present to every moment and reluctant to step away from what is happening to write about it.  It has been a blessing to have several friends to connect Read More…


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